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Personalise  your dining experience


About Us

DashIn’s ethos is to provide a curated, holistic dining experience for consumers. We leverage cutting edge technology to not only optimize consumer experience at our partner restaurants, but also facilitate the opportunity for customers to order any of their preferred dishes right from their fingertips - even before they reach the restaurant! We supplement this with our verified, to-the-point metrics on EVERY dish that our partner restaurants offer enabling consumers to make quick, and informed, decisions on what to eat when they go out. 

To exemplify this, we offer a plethora of options to customize the experience, ranging from curating when their food is served in advance, to adding friends to their table so that everyone can place their individual orders - all while ensuring fresh food with minimal contact and adhering to high safety standards.

Whether you’re looking for a quick meal, an extravagant feast, or simply adhering to social distancing norms, DashIn enables you to enjoy a seamless experience every time you step out.


What are you waiting for?


Apart from facilitating a digital reservation at your favourite restaurant, we believe in optimising the dining experience to fit the desires and requirements of all generations, and helping you make an informed decision on where to go and what to eat!


Not only can you pre-order your favourite dishes, but we also use cutting-edge technology to facilitate the serving of your food in a bespoke time frame! Perhaps you'd like the meal laid out upon arrival, or you'd like a few minutes to take in the ambience—the options are endless. 

We also offer a pick-up option that ensures your food is prepared just before you reach!


After a seamless integration of all your requirements, even the food is bound to taste a whole lot better. 


By using our platform consumers stand to earn rewards through 3 completely different channels: DashIn Rewards, personalized incentives, and curated customer experiences!